The Stationery

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Olivia. Olivia had three sisters, Reyana, Stephanie, and
Indiana. Olivia was 14, Stephanie was 12, Reyana was 9 and Indiana was 7. They lived in a city named
Heartville in the northeast of United States of America. Reyana and Stephanie were greedy sisters, but
Olivia and Indiana were grateful children.

They all loved stationery. Their mother and father were named Andrea and Michael. Andrea was a
baker and Michael was a shoemaker. They told Reyana and Stephanie that they should be grateful for
what they have too. But Stepanie and Reyana still were greedy. One night when Olivia was going to
bed she saw out of her covers, her stationery was wriggling out the window! Olivia snatched the
stationery. She begged her stationery not to leave but by then her mom came and Olivia had to sleep.
She hugged her stationery and slept. The next day, Olivia woke up late. When she looked in her hands,
there was no stationery. All there was, was a note from Indiana and some candies. The note said,

“Dear Olivia
I’m sorry that Stephainie and Reyana stole your stationery. I gave you these candies so that you cheer
up. How I knew they stole it, I wore black pjs so that I could sneak up on Stephanie and Reyana.

When Olivia saw the letter, she was happy with what her sister had said to her but she was still sad.
Stephanie and Reyana saw that their sister was sad so they decided to change their greediness into
gratefulness. They went and told Olivia that they were sorry for stealing her stationery and returned
it to her. Olivia smiled and said “We can all go and play, ride a bike ride, run and all sorts of stuff.
Would you like to do that?”. Stephenie and Reyana happily agreed. All four sisters played together
and had a great day.

Olivia then told her sisters about her stationery. They all decided to wait and watch the stationery
come alive. Then in the night Olivia’s stationery came alive once again!! This time she and her sisters
all saw. They caught the stationery, calmed them and introduced themselves. Then the stationery and
the sisters became friends. They played together and had a big party.