A True Friend

What I have learned the past year,
I have no true friend, not one near.
They always expect me to give,
But never help in return.
Whenever they need me, they holler and shout for my name!
But when I am in need, they never help me. Why don’t I expect the same?

What I want is a true friend.
One when all is wrong, but we still mend.
One where our popularity is not the base of our friendship,
Nor when it’s based on what other friends may do;
Yet based on our commitment on each other,
To help another recover.

I feel alone in my head, nothing but depressed,
But there is my friend! It’ll feel good to vent out what makes me stressed.
They won’t judge, never talk behind my back,
They’ll never diss me and think of me as not equal,
But instead they accept me for who I choose to be.
They care, and help, and still let me be me.

So why make fake friends for the popularity of all,
Find one that has a heart so big, and forget the ones who are small.
Not one where it depends on your following,
But one that depends on the respect you give to one another.
Of course this does not mean to disrespect,
Just to find a true friend that sees the positives when you are imperfect.